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Johnson & Johnson Consumer – Microbeads
Johnson & Johnson Consumer – Microbeads

Did you know?

Johnson & Johnson Consumer – Microbeads
  • Microbeads are tiny plastic balls used in face and body washes. In cosmetic and personal care products they act to gently scrub away dead skin in much the same way a sponge would.
  • Microbeads provided an alternative to products like walnut powder, which is a natural allergen.
  • While many consumer products contain microbeads, the cosmetics industry is the only industry that is required to list their presence in products.
Johnson & Johnson Consumer – Microbeads

In our products

Because microbeads are a plastic, some have raised concerns that when microbeads are rinsed into water treatment systems they can pose a threat to ecosystems.

In 2013, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies became one of the first companies to commit to removing microbeads from its cosmetic and personal care products globally. In 2015, we completed the first phase of our product reformulations out of microbeads.

In keeping with the U.S. Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 and the 2015 recommendation of the international trade association Cosmetics Europe, we met our commitment to remove microbeads from our products globally by the end of 2017. Changes to product formulas take time because of our intensive testing standards, in keeping with our Safety & Care Commitment.

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