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Johnson & Johnson Consumer – Fragrance Oils
Fragrance Oils
Johnson & Johnson Consumer – Fragrance Oils

Did you know?

Johnson & Johnson Consumer – Fragrance Oils
  • Fragrance oils have been used for thousands of years to enhance, soothe and calm human experiences.
  • Stimulating fragrances have been shown to aid brain development in babies during the first three years.
  • Research has found that a pleasant fragrance during bath time can increase relaxation for both baby and parent.
  • Some may claim that essential oils are a safer alternative, but there is far more available safety information supporting the use of fragrance oils in baby and beauty personal care products.
Johnson & Johnson Consumer – Fragrance Oils

In our products

Whether it’s to relieve stress, create a mood or to simply deliver a pleasant aroma, humans have relied on the unique power of fragrance for centuries. Similarly, the psychological and emotional benefits of fragrance for adults and babies are well-documented. We use fragrances in our products because consumers want them, preferring them in many cases to products that are fragrance-free. We continually make fragrance choices to ensure we’re always meeting consumer and safety needs.

What goes into a fragrance? While the exact contents of a fragrance oil are considered proprietary, we want you to know that the fragrances we make are created by combining only ingredients approved by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA),* the world’s leading authority on the safe use of fragrances. To arrive at our fragrance policy, we follow all IFRA allergy and irritation restrictions as well as those of regulatory safety authorities around the world.

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“Understanding the Role of Fragrance in Personal Care Products: A Historical View and Approach to Safety”. GS (2010) Johnson & Johnson Global Summit Meeting.

* No endorsement, approval, association, or sponsorship of Our Safety & Care Commitment by the organization listed is stated or implied.