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Our Five-Level Safety Assurance Process

Here at the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies, nothing matters more to us than your peace of mind. We want you to feel comfortable and confident that every product you bring into your home and use with your family is safe, effective and of the highest quality.

That’s why for decades, ours has been one of the most thorough and rigorous product testing processes in our industry — to ensure the safety and quality of every single product we make. It’s also why we continually re-evaluate ingredients to be responsive to the latest scientific developments and to your feedback.

This rigorous approach puts you at the center, and it’s at the heart of Our Safety & Care Commitment to all our customers.

Want to learn more about the process? Take a look at this series of videos that take you through our five-level safety assurance process or click to enlarge the image below to see our infographic.

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Level 1: Sourcing Raw Materials

Our heritage as a healthcare company means we look at consumer products through a safety-first lens and always seek to use the highest-quality raw materials. And because our safety standards and sustainability principles are some of the most rigorous in the world, we partner with suppliers who agree to uphold these required standards and principles. We start with detailed 12-category questionnaires for our suppliers about each raw material, which is updated periodically to reflect the latest safety data. After we receive the data on a new ingredient, we create a detailed specification for it and test multiple lots to ensure it is of consistent and high quality. Finally, as each lot of ingredients is delivered to the product manufacturing location, it is sampled and tested before we add it to a formulation.

We also routinely inspect our suppliers and partner with them to ensure that all ingredients meet our rigorous quality and safety standards.

Of course, our testing of raw materials doesn’t end there. We’re continually evaluating alternate raw materials as they become available. This process — which we sometimes refer to as “informed substitution” — means that when we look to use new ingredients to enhance our products or meet your expectations for product safety, we already have a good understanding of the safety of that ingredient. Our ongoing analysis of the toxicology and potential environmental impact of ingredients means that when we substitute one raw material for another, we have the scientific data that demonstrates how safe it is for you and the environment.

Level 2: Toxicology Assessment

All of our ingredient choices are supported by the best available science, as well as by research from our global team of toxicologists — scientists who specialize in ingredient safety. In our laboratories, we go well beyond basic screening to ensure that we meet or exceed government regulatory standards for ingredients and trace materials. It’s a rigorous assessment process that leaves nothing to chance.

Level 3: Clinical Evaluation

This part of the process puts our beauty and baby care products under the microscope. In a series of clinical evaluations, we’re able to assess the safety of specific concentrations and mixtures of ingredients. Independent scientists and clinicians test formulations for irritation, sensitivity, interactions with sunlight, and other safety considerations. This information is also shared across our products — so as other new products are developed or existing products are enhanced, we know which ingredients would be safe to use. Our commitment to you means that every new formulation is evaluated under scientific conditions before it’s available on store shelves.

Level 4: In-Use Testing

Before a product can go to market, we want to thoroughly understand how people will use it in their homes. So we rely on volunteers from all over the world to review and evaluate our products in their homes before they’re available in stores. Our goal is to make sure that you and your family feel right at home with our products and have a terrific experience using them. Think of this part of the process as our link between product development in the laboratory and you at home.

Level 5: Continual Evaluation

Even after you bring our products into your home, we want to hear about your experience with them. We are also available online through our product websites, and via our regional call centers, which are all staffed by product experts. In addition, we carefully track reports of medical events related to the use of our products. Our product formulations, labeling, packaging, and even instructions for use have been informed by input gathered from listening to consumers like you. Our Ingredients Working Group is also constantly evaluating new data on the ingredients we use in our products. This helps us develop a list of ingredients that we know work well and meet our safety standards, should we need to substitute ingredients in the future.