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We use preservatives in our products to protect you from potentially harmful mold and bacteria that could develop in personal care products if they were not preserved.

Preservatives maintain freshness and quality long after you take our products home. Many preservatives in use today are found in nature. Parabens, for example, are found in blueberries – it’s nature’s way of preventing spoilage in fruits and vegetables. Others are specially created in the laboratory to be both mild and effective. Still, preservatives need to be chosen with great care. Some of the same properties that make preservatives effective in managing harmful bacteria can also give them the potential to be harsh on our skin, which is where our expert formulators and other scientists come in. Our scientists ensure that the preservatives we use have been thoroughly evaluated for safety, are mild, and that we use the minimum amounts necessary to protect the product from spoiling. This is part of Our Safety & Care Commitment to you.

No one preservative is right for every product. Because products differ in how they are used, and in chemical properties such as their pH balance, different preservatives are needed for different product formulations. That’s an important reason to have a variety of preservatives available to help maintain ingredient diversity.

Our Position on Preservatives

There are many factors that guide our selection of preservatives for our formulations. Will the product be used on babies or adults? Will it be washed off, or remain on the skin? How does the preservative work in combination with other ingredients or products?

Our goal is to use the smallest quantities possible to deliver the safety and effectiveness you expect. These quantities are often far below the limits set by regulators, and always meet government guidelines for safety. But our safety processes go well beyond government guidelines.

We also evaluate any preservatives we use for mildness and the potential to cause allergies. And as part of our in-use testing process, we consider how you might use or store the product in your home.

No matter which of our products you choose for you and your family, you have our commitment that it has gone through our five-level safety assurance process and that we’re confident you will have a pleasant experience using it.

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