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Ingredient Policies

Ingredient Policies

All of our products worldwide and their ingredients meet the rigorous scientific standards of our safety assurance process. They also meet or exceed government standards in the countries where they are sold, as well as U.S. and E.U. cosmetic ingredient safety guidelines, or whichever is stricter when they differ. If new scientific evidence raises legitimate questions about the safety or safe use of our ingredients, we will innovate to find alternatives and, if necessary, we will reduce it or remove it from our products.

But that’s just where we start. We are committed both to the science of safety and to the art of creating products that are gentle on people and the environment. Like you, we have a healthy skepticism when it comes to the use of any chemicals – whether found in nature or made in a factory.

Every one of our products on the market today is safe when used as directed. But Our Safety & Care Commitment takes us beyond safety alone, to meet your highest expectations of us. If consumers raise concerns about an ingredient, even if that ingredient meets government safety regulations and is supported by science, we’ll always listen.

In order to protect your peace of mind, we may set a goal of reducing or eliminating that ingredient, and developing new alternatives through our continuous research and development efforts.

Remember, every time we change a formulation – and we have thousands of formulas around the world – we need to take it through our five-level safety assurance process to ensure that it meets or exceeds government standards and the high standards we expect of ourselves. After all, if we decide to eliminate an ingredient, we have to ensure that its replacement is also safe. When dealing with human or environmental safety, there are no shortcuts and we do not compromise on safety for expediency in the process. This takes time, well over a year for each new formula. That’s why moving beyond safety is a journey, and it’s a journey we hope you will continue to take with us.

The Ingredient Policies pages on this website are a roadmap for our journey. In them, you’ll find information about how we currently use ingredients. You’ll see that in some cases we’ve made commitments to eliminate certain ingredients or reduce their levels. Because we apply the same rigorous safety standards in all countries where we operate, you can be confident that every policy you see here will be applied to the products you use, no matter where in the world you live.

You have our personal commitment to tell you about progress on our journey. As we develop new policies to meet evolving science, changing government regulations and your needs, we’ll let you know about it right here on this website.

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