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Our Commitment

You have our commitment that every beauty and baby care product from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies is safe and effective when used as directed.

We’ve held ourselves to the very highest standards for more than one hundred years. And today, these standards are embodied in our five-level safety assurance process, which is guided by leading science and medical experts from around the globe.

Keeping Our Safety & Care Commitment is the most important thing we can do to continue earning your trust. It’s why our assurance process is so rigorous. And it’s why we’re always listening to you – so that we can improve our products and you can have complete peace of mind whenever you bring them into your home.

Our Safety & Care Commitment means that our products are supported by science, recommended by healthcare professionals, and trusted by people around the world.

You’ve told us that trust sometimes means going beyond just numbers – that it’s more than science measuring the safety of our products. Trust also means having confidence in the safety process behind our products, and in the care that goes into our ingredient selection and our decision-making.

Being transparent about our processes is one of the reasons we created this website. So we can share our approach to safety, along with the ingredient policies we follow. Our dialogue with you will be ongoing, which is why we’ll update this site to let you know how we are incorporating the latest science, new regulations and – just as importantly – your views and concerns.

Take a closer look at the principles that guide Our Safety & Care Commitment. Our five-level safety assurance process. And our ingredient policies.